MondayCheck APP Work Record Cloud

APP Timecard and Daily Work Record of Cloud Report and Big Data Analysis

As an advanced 5G smart phone work record APP, MondayCheck APP could be quickly recorded by iOS or Android devices, including: punch time, location, photo, working report off-line then upload to MondayCheck Cloud. It is automatic, instant, and intelligent to provide real-time working time report and big data analysis, map-based reporting. Moreover, our Cloud API can quickly and easily integrate HR, CRM, or other systems, save HR time and manpower to calculate, analysis, and make report of working-hour and record, and significantly improve the performance of business operations management.



MondayCheck Platform is an innovative work Position APP to Work Punch. It is the most advanced mobile technology. Although Employees work at home, on field work, or out of office, they could record their attendance and position through Monday Check APP to work punch. It does not violate personal privacy because we use normal LBS technology.


Innovative Technology

Mondaycheck APP accepted with Beacon, GPS, cellar phone camera of innovative mobile technology. All functions are flexible and could be setup easily by Mondaycheck Web Management System.



Beacon is a micro positioning base device (with Battery or USB), through the BLE 4.0 Bluetooth wireless communication protocol to communicate with the mobile devices.

The effective receiving distance between Smart phone or PAD and Beacon device is about 2M-5M. Also we accepted with GPS, mobile phone camera of new mobile technology.


Although Employees work at home, on field work, or out of office, they could record their attendance and position through Monday Check APP to work punch. It does not violate personal privacy because we use the same as Facebook Positioning technology too using GPS check in to initiative location recording purposes. After users punch the icon, their position will be got.

Camera, Fill in Records

Employees who work outside of company, such as site-visit or doing inspection works, could capture photos via Monday check. Photos which captured by Smartphone could be uploaded to the integrate back-end cloud system to keep as a record for analysis purpose in the future.

Report and Management

Monday Check back-end cloud system stores a complete punch record which could export to EXCEL format. A complete API interface and EXCEL format are ready for integration to the original HR system.

Target User

Small Business Enterprise’s Staff

Subcontracted Workers of Out-sourcing Company

Employees, Sales of Multinational Companies

Supervisors, Staff, and Part-Time Staff of Retail, FMCG, and Service Industry

Equipment Maintenance Engineers of Petrochemical, Electromechanical, Manufacturing Industry

Maintenance Engineers of Water, Electricity, Gas, Utilities industry

Maintenance personnel for Telecommunications, Electrical Appliances Equipment

Cleaning Staff, Construction Company Worker, Building Security Staff

Logistics Delivery Personnel, Express Delivery Operators

Counter Clerk and Supervisor of Store, Mall, Amusement park, or Department


Advantage & Benefit


Applicable to both SME and MNC industry.

Easy and simple Work Punch with powerful features which can access from anywhere, inside or out of company.

Secure confirmation to the employee who reaches the appointed destination.

"Work Punch Card on behalf of another employee"issues will be avoided. Punch cards could hand in to another staffs easily; but mobile phone is personal.

Cost saving on punch clock, magnetic card system as well as save on hardware and maintenance costs.

Lighten HR jobs because data received is automatic, accurate and real time. It saves time to calculate the wages.

Punch records can be exported in EXCEL format. API interface is ready for HR system integration.

Punch records are conducive for future big data analysis.

In conduction, it strengthens business operation and improves productivity between employers and employees.


User can download from App Store or Google Play.
Each enterprise or institute can apply once 30 day trial version for 30 users.
Please fill in all information of the trial and formal registration on our website.

We will process the approval the trial application within one week.We will notify you by email.
If you have any questions, please email to inquire us. Our email: cs@imobilemind.com.

Company Profile

iMobile Mind is an innovative and global technology firm, offering smart solutions for clients to manage operations and communications through Mobile Information Platform (MIP) and mobile security technology. Today's business and technology environment stress the importance of convenience, efficiency and mobility. iMobile Mind's products are designed to bring these benefits to suit your firm's needs, join us to embrace mobility as the primary IT platform.

iMobile Mind was founded in 2003 in Taiwan, currently having branch offices in New York, Shanghai, Taipei, Japan and Malaysia. iMobile Mind's company mission is to provide high quality, efficient, cost effective solutions to assist companies to become Mobile Fist Organizations. Having global footprints, we aim to serve our global clients in the era of mobility. We have solid foundation and knowledge of the business, and global experience in helping our clients. Our competitive advantage is the strong R&D team that creates user-friendly products with modification of culture and business differences. We not only have software products, with our platform business we provide back end middleware to support all mobile devices (android, iPhone…etc). Thus we encourage you to connect with us to learn more about collaboration opportunities.


ModayCheck APP supports above iOS 8.0 version and Android OS 5.0 on smartphones. All smartphones need to embedded Bluetooth 4.0 communication hardware module.

Enterprise could use EXCEL to import account information or export all collected data including staff's punch time and position.
Also we provide API to integrate with HR system.

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